So it was just another night, the wee hours of May 20th 2018 and I was tweeting about Seth Rich. I replied to a tweet in a thread that included President Trump. The next morning I checked President Trump's tweets "like a good American" and noticed that a few hours after my tweet President Trump made two tweets that contained several of the words and phrases I used.
FBI, DNC, server, center, Podesta all used in my tweet and also President Trump's tweets just a few hours later. What!?

My jaw dropped when I saw these "coincidences". Q told us there are no coincidences.

Let me explain. I was a follower of "Q" from the beginning. Q told us that "misspellings matter" and to always look for deeper meanings. Misspelled words, miscapitalized letters etc... As seen in Trump's tweets are not typos or mistakes, they are intentional have meaning. Q told us to "learn the comms".

I took the similar words and phrases as a signal to look deeper.

The short version: After analyzing President Trump's tweets I noticed miscapitalized words "Server, Corruption and Refused".

SCR. That may not mean much to most people but to me it was the comms I was looking for. I recognized the initials. Seth Conrad Rich. The message was clear to me. There was no doubt .

I believe the second tweet about the "Podesta brother" was to make sure I spotted the tweets. To millions they were just typos, to me, it was comms that only I would understand. How cool is that!

I wrote a twitter thread that evolved as I figured things out. Here's an archive of it

Why me? I was an active, avid and vocal follower of Q and posted a lot about Seth, including his middle name. I tweeted often about Q topics and theories. When President Trump kept talking about "low IQ Maxine Waters" it made me wonder: what's the deeper message. I took the "IQ" talk and tweeted maybe the message was "IQ = I am Q". That may have put me on Q's radar as trying to look for and understand the comms.
To me, this confirms that the public will find out that it wasn't Russia that hacked the DNC, it was Seth. Seth leaked Podesta's emails to Wikileaks and paid the ultimate price.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were texting about Seth. The FBI denied any knowledge of Seth but FOIA documents prove otherwise. How and why did Seth's murder become a matter of national security?

All roads from the Russian hack hoax will lead back to Seth Rich. What will happen when the public finds out the truth?

The truth about Seth will go right to the top. They all knew it was Seth.
The second tweet mentions "the swamp of Washington, D.C." where Seth was killed.

"VERY" and "Swamp" are also miscapitalized in the second tweet but I can't figure out why. It's nagging me that I may still be missing something.

Here's coverage by 100PercentFedup

I did a thread on twitter but that account was suspended in one of the purges. Here's an archive of my original thread.
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They said the Russians hacked the DNC servers. It wasn't the Russians.

It was Seth!

How do I know? It was confirmed to me personally by the highest source.